Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance is a form of insurance designed to protect a company against damages caused by cybersecurity threats.

What can be covered under these policies includes:

  • Breach response - includes forensic experts, legal advice, notifying affected customers and offering credit or identity fraud monitoring services
  • Damage to data, websites and software
  • Loss of revenue due to a malicious attack, extortion or a data breach on your IT systems or your outsourced IT or data provider
  • Additional expenses to reduce the reduction in revenue - this could be the cost to hire extra staff or equipment
  • Extortion - recovery costs or ransom payment if a hacker holds the business to ransom or threatens to reveal sensitive data until a ransom is paid
  • Costs of notifying customers of a data breach
  • Loss of the business money due to an external hack into your IT network or by Social Engineering fraud
  • The cost of unauthorised telephone calls and charges made by an external hacker
  • Protection against a breach of Data Protection Regulation where insurable by law - this includes cover for defence costs and regulatory fines
  • Negligently transmitting a virus to a third party
  • Data privacy and confidentiality liability
  • Financial loss that results from the loss, disclosure or destruction of third party confidential commercial information
  • Costs resulting from non-compliance with payment card industry data security standards. This includes fines, charges and recertification costs
  • Multimedia Liability - copyright or trademark infringement from use of online media. Cover for defamatory comments made online, including costs to remove online content to avoid a claim

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